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About Active Measures, LLC

Active Measures, LLC is Midwestern research and analysis firm focused on supporting defense, national security, and civilian agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Active Measures and its director Michael van Landingham also provide baseline risk assessments and background information for non-profits and private corporations based in the United States. Our work includes analysis of current dynamics related to client topics of interest—to include an overview of barriers and opportunities—and development of risk mitigation strategies, white papers, and communication.

Active Measures, LLC can engage with outside analytic teams to develop these products and more, as well as to act as a “red team” that examines others’ analytic conclusions and identify novel issues. We offer formal analytic line reviews and stylistic and substantive reviews of outside analytic products, proposals, and requests for information. Michael can participate in a range of structured analytic techniques or analytic brainstorming sessions upon request.


Michael E. van Landingham is the founder and director of Active Measures, LLC. For eight years, Michael was an analyst for a federal government agency, where he provided strategic and tactical analysis across a range of formats to senior policymakers and others. 

Michael received his Bachelor’s from Princeton University in Slavic Languages and Literatures. He earned a Master’s from Harvard University in Russian, Eastern European, and Central Asian Studies. Michael is in the process of developing a dissertation for the graduate program in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He resides in Wisconsin and speaks Russian and French.


The warning from people who do mass surveillance for the state frantically shouting at businesses that they're doing mass surveillance dangerously is the latest in a series of "the real threat to your privacy isn't Five Eyes it's the Big Five."
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Shashank Joshi @shashj
New @GCHQ paper, "The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence". "GCHQ’s specialists share the same concerns voiced by many external experts around using AI to make predictions about individuals, their behaviour and motivations."

Hello, if you are a high profile international NGO in AD 2021 and do not have a plan for how to cope with pressure campaigns coordinated by the agitprop arm of a hostile government, assemble your team and make one.

Mr Polymerpoloulos is right again, and keeping formers inside the tent rather than on an ice floe would probably help them exercise good judgement in business dealings if they are trading on the Agency name.

Will Bill Burns bring back the 'stache to the seventh floor, the first since Dulles? FCDserviceA_llc photo